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getting real

So - what are you doing after the game? There are four options at present -

1 - you have no interest in this at this time.

2 - you want to use community money systems when they become available.

3 - you want to be participate in the operation of community currency (cc) services

4 - you want to get involved in jomp

If someone has no interest after playing the game, that's quite interesting in itself. It may just mean LETSplay failed entirely to make the benefits of community money clear, and that the game needs improvement. It could also mean the person (or business or non-profit) sees no need for access to more money, and dislikes or disapproves of the idea of using money that serves the community. This is a strange and unusual position, when considered logically. But then, for many of us, attitudes about money are anything but logical, so there's no problem and nothing to do. Let time take its course.

Most will just want to join community money systems and be able to use their "own" money to trade. This will of course have to wait until cc systems are established in their comunities or on the internet. The first such systems may be operational later this year, depending on the cc college training schedule. To register your interest, visit the web site at www.j-lets.net or www.openmoney.org, or contact the Tokyo office directly - (03) 3233-6115.

Those who want to go to work on developing community money systems can join the cc college or jomp, either or both. It's up to you.