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current developments and requirements

Jomp (Japan open money project) began as a collaborative venture sponsored by two Japanese companies, Hakuhodo Inc and Japan Research Institute, and the Canadian designers of community currency systems, Landsman Community Services. The purpose of jomp is to develop and deliver community currency systems in Japan, and support the introduction of open money projects in other countries around the world - fomp, bomp, domp, romp, swomp .......

The project is closely aligned with the principles of the open source software development process - all information is freely published to invite review and further development.

Open money creates a new field for dreams - a money net that will develop and function much like the internet. And, like the internet, it offers extraordinary opportunities for adventurous spirits, for society's innovators and early adopters, those awake and aware people who lead change and transformation.

Jomp has huge potential - community money is good for all - individuals, business, non profits and governments alike. Even the banks are going to benefit. So the main questions are not "will it take hold?" or "can it pay its way?" - but "how long will it take to become 10% of the national economy?" and "what do we do to get there most effectively?"

However, since open money is a commons - a facility that by its nature is freely available to all - neither the operational services not the development process can be contained as any sort of private or government monopoly, This means the usual cycle of proprietary investment control and profit taking will not work. You can't sell water at the riverside.

The project design reflects these opportunities and limitiations. So jomp is commercial in form and function, entrepreneurial in spirit, and social in nature. It is certainly not a philanthropic venture, nor does it depend on volunteers, government support or other forms of grant aiding. Jomp is much like a cooperative movie production, where accounts of the contributions made by all participants are recorded, and those accounts used to determine how compensation is distributed when the revenues come in.

On this basis, the joint venture is open to additional contributors, and is presently seeking people and organizations with resources in -

technical services - software and systems development

communications - media, design, printing, web services

logistics - transport, accomodations, distribution

equipment - office and communications, cameras

Since we intend to make these materials available in many languages, jomp especially welcomes participation from translators and publishers, wherever you are.