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earth day 2001

What's money got to do with it?

It seems that it is always easy to find money to build a dam, but not to fix the ecosystem of the damaged river. There is never a shortage of money for armaments, but money for hospitals and schools is hard to find.

Most every social and environmental problem starts with someone wanting to make money at the expense of someone or something else and almost every one of us will help create that problem for a piece of the action. That's just how the money works.

But it is not just greed that creates these problems. We all need money to survive, and if we are desperate, we will do whatever it takes to feed and shelter our families.

Change the way the money works and you change the world, at least your own small part of it. Creating a new, complementary money is not difficult. It's been done before in times of economic distress and is being done right now in many communities around the world.

New technologies such as smart cards enable multi-currencies so that businesses can accept payments in many local, regional, and network currencies.

Open money workshop

The Japan open money project (jomp) will be featured at the Tokyo Earthday workshop, April 21, at Shinjuku Park Tower. Ikuma Saga of the Japan Research Institute will introduce jomp and Michael Linton and Ernie Yacub will present a community way simulation. At the end of the event, participants will be invited to continue their engagement with jomp through LETSplay online and possible further involvement in the development of community currencies in Japan.