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what to discover


How would the game play with only fed$ and no community money? Would you be able to buy as much?

What happens when the number of fed$ in play changes?

What is the risk and who is at risk in this sort of community money system?

How can you personally manage or minimise your risk? How can you avoid it completely?

What happens to the cc$ system if someone stops trading?

if they are in commitment?

if they are in credit?

What happens if everyone stops trading?

What is the ecological effect of using community money?

What are the social consequences?

Are there different psychological and emotional aspects to the two kinds of money?

What are the commercial and economic effects of a re-circulating money?

What has time got to do with it?

And then there's the biggest question of all -

How do you feel about all this? Are you encouraged? Does it feel "good"?

Does it make you want to get your own money?