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cc college

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The cc college will operate as a form of membership co-operative, applying in its own organization and operations the ethics and process of open money systems. It will establish standards for open money operations and development at a national level and co-ordinate training for cc service providers.

The college will necessarily begin as an exercise in learning the process while creating the process.

Initial cc college training programs will be 4 days in length, and cover the basics of community money systems - the ideas and theory, the operations, the general directions and specific programs of system development.

Preference will be given to applicants who are ready and willing to go to work immediately, on a part-time or full time basis. While computer skills are an asset, a flexible mind and the ability to work with others is absolutely essential. An entrepreneurial spirit is also desirable. Educational qualifications are less important.

The first college program is a 25 hour orientation and induction course from Friday evening April 27 to Monday afternoon April 30th in Kanda-Nishikicho, Tokyo. The registration fee of Y8,000 will be refunded to any who decide to withdraw from, or do not complete, the program. The surplus of fees over costs is retained as working capital for the college.

Preference will generally be given to local residents. However, applications from other regions are welcome. In particular, applications are particularly encouraged from groups of 3 or 4 persons who jointly possess the core capacities needed - administration, communications, computer skills and small business experience.

Participants should anticipate rewarding, steady work for 5 years and more, developing community currency systems in Japan, and possibly throughout the world.

The first step for anyone considering whether to join the college is to participate in an on-line LETSplay game.

There really isn't much difference between what happens in the accounting of a LETSplay game and the accounting in the real world of community money. Providing the operational support for such a system is as easy as providing the account administration in a LETSplay game, but with necessarily more attention to detail, more security, and more safeguards.

Operating community money services in the "real" world is a significant responsibility that must be done properly.

To understand the opportunity and the task, you have to first play the game. Then you might try running a game - perhaps for your friends, your co-workers or for your community. Then, to qualify to be a cc service provider you train with and become a member of the cc college of Japan.

For more information, and to register - call 03 3233 6115 or email to ......