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open radio

open radio outline


create open radio broadcast space for community use as the core of multimedia interactive information services - web, print, audio, video, word-of-mouth, pop-ed.

provide a vehicle for community currency (cc) services, in particular exchanging cc for normal money to fund open radio - broadcasting, research, production - and exchange services for community organizations generally.


open to any who contribute, time and/or money.

yearly membership can be paid in any useable community currency and/or national money.

radio programming

programs will be allocated air time according to member voting preferences - every member gets 100 voting points (vp) a week to acknowledge programs - max vp per show shall be 10 - vp cannot be accumulated to be used in subsequent weeks - every week begins a new voting period whereupon each member gets a 100 vp.

most programs will be independent, locally produced shows - news, events, music, poetry, theatre, comedy, politics, public affairs, interactive talk radio.

programs will be web streamed and archived so that anyone in the world with internet access can use and relay the material.


register open radio society as a non profit - begin signing members.

raise money, hire broadcast engineer for a study and report as part of CRTC application.

submit application for low power developmental licence.

set up community capital fund to acquire equipment.


solicit business contributions - donation and investment - get the money moving and changing - people, orgs, foundations, governments exchange cc for normal money.


worker/contractors submit for acknowledgement (sfa) their contributions to the worker collective (all workers) and claim compensation according to the income and needs of total operations.

super flat

no pc - no power - no control - super flat

how to avoid emergence of an autocratic elite and the confiscation of the commons?

own nothing - lease equipment from the community capital pool

separate decisions about running the radio space from the programming - producers are independent contractors who get paid for programs that members vote for.

board members selected from the acknowledged worker/contractors and voted by members?

decisions by consensus - balance the power within the org - producers/workers/members