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community currencies


    dif and flow sequence


    cc program (demonstration only) on-line

    fiwg - a money system has been created


    period of infancy

    commercial "barter", LETS etc

    now adolescence, maturing fast

coming soon

    big changes

    network goods - variety multipliers

    factors - facility, demand


    substantial impacts on - social, economic, environmental stabiltiy/security,

    investment, banking, trade

    affects everything that has to do with money

business plans

    a system that creates money is not fundamentally challenged for viability

    cc systems will pay for themselves, but need initial investment, backing.

    common situation, but uncommon business model - the commons does not pay in the usual way

    you can't sell water by the river or money you're giving away.

    (although .. US commercial "barter" - about $30B - around $3B in operations - an internal contradiction that will soon be resolved)

    however, estimate of realisable revenues over 5 years is about $10 per person in population of region, 10% part of $100 raised for non-profits under a particular regime of basic commercial service operations

    give away a lot to secure a little

a cc development organization must reflect all the above factors to develop organization


    open source / software community can apply open money to make realistic business models

    Japan - Shibuya projects

    London - Objective 2

    3rd world cell phones

    smart cards - the killer ap?