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hotpoints for lollipop

You want to support the good cause, lollipop, but money is tight and you need almost every penny.

What can you do? You can buy hotpoints from lollipop.

A group of local businesses have shown their support for the good cause "lollipop", by donating to the project a total of $100,000 in hotpoints, which they guarantee to accept in part payment for their goods and services. There are no time limits on these offers.

If you are willing to change some of your normal federal $, at par, for hotpoints, then this will enable the project to put your normal $ to good use. In effect you get to spend your money twice.

And you won't lose a penny. The hotpoints are good, $ for $, at the participating businesses.

What's on offer in hotpoints

  • restaurants at 50%
  • retail stores from 30-40%
  • groceries from 10-20%
  • business and professional services between 50-100%
  • repair and maintainance services - 50% on labour
  • last minute ticket sales - 100%

Some businesses may want to give people with hotpoints even better deals. Anything is possible.

How to get and use yours:

  • Buy them from licenced exchange agencies at shops, offices, schools, banks and credit unions, and on the street from the bicycle couriers.
  • Download them from your hotpoints account onto your smart card at home or through an exchange machine at the local bar.
  • Use them just like normal money with anybody that will take them.

As businesses earn hotpoints, they will spend what they can and give the rest back to the community, keeping them circulating.

Click here for more info about LETS, community currencies (cc), and open money systems. Please send questions and comments to: Michael and ernie.

Version #004 - 4-7-02 - by Michael Linton and Ernie Yacub of Landsman Community Services Ltd., Courtenay, BC. 250 338 0213