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CYMC and CVccp

A proposal from the Comox Valley community currencies project (CVccp) to work with Comox Valley Youth Music Centre (CYMC) over the summer to raise community way dollars (cw$) and provide exchange services to convert cw$ into cdn$.

CYMC will:

  • provide CVccp with leads, referrals, and introductions and CVccp will follow up
  • accept cw$ for concert tickets at an attractive rate
  • order 100 smart cards from gemplus - CYMC and CVccp will sell the cards to recover the costs
  • may pay volunteers honoraria and top up staff wages

CVccp will:

  • ask businesses that have unallocated cw$ to redirect them to CYMC
  • continue to sell community way to businesses and suggest that they make their cw$ donations to CYMC and other organizations
  • write a cw introduction to prepare CYMC supporters for exchange -  CYMC may mail it out, include it in student packages, hand it out at events, etc.
  • set up exchange tables at CYMC and other events
  • begin by setting up a temporary exchange at Joe Read's to introduce the ideas and to test the procedures - contingent upon Niki's approval
  • document and record the process and put the material up on the wildfire and openmoney websites
  • inform all participating businesses and organizations of the special relationship that is being developed with CYMC.