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metameme - future social design - future developments - college - sliders- (revisions)

cc sliders

ski hill lift workers sell the idea of community money to management
draft script
scene - bottom of ski lift - loading snow-boarders

lift worker:
we sold management that program (points to sign - 80% cc on a day pass and 100% on lessons)
so our friends can ski more
they don't make enough regular money to ski up here
but cc is easy to earn
there's plenty enough around in the valley
what's more it comes back around like money on a wheel
it's a cool thing - good for community
y' know, shop local, buy stuff made in the valley
and we get some extra dough - cc for bonuses
which means we get to go out more often
now I can buy local organic food
last week i got my first acupuncture treatment and massage
even my landlord said he wants some
he's going to start by taking 20%
but you know what sold management?
that we would feel good about it and pass that on to the customers.
it's a feel good kind of thing.