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project summary - to introduce open money systems in Japan

The design for open money systems is now available in Japan and only needs to be implemented. The preliminary work is in process to establish a domain naming protocol and a data collection process. Prototype systems will be ready for testing in a few weeks and active community money systems will be operating within a month or so. Significant levels of trading can be expected soon after that. Through its first six stages, the open money development process

1) originates with an announcement of core definitions and outlines directions,

2) expands on that core with more information for elaboration and analysis,

3) generates the basic infrastructure for open money systems,

4) enables the activation of real community networks,

5) creates the patterning and financing for ongoing propagation,

6) records and reports directions emerging from the process.

All the parts of this project are designed to work with each other, in sequence and all together. The relationship between the parts is recursive - as within, so without. The development model is fractal. However you look at it, it works the same way. It follows an evolving spiral where each phase is the natural and logical consequence of its predecessor, and the appropriate ground for its successor, with all components mutually compatible.

This design is a context within which things can happen in many diverse ways and yet come to the same general result.

Within the firm and largely fixed structure of the overall project design, many individual open money projects are planned - and in those projects many changes can be expected. The details of all projects must be open to change. How many ways can a snowflake form? What shapes can wings be?

The only rule is to match open money to the host culture - adapt the basic ideas to fit peoples' needs and conditions.

Just say yes and do it - "only connect".

Read all about it in the magazine, in publishing time every two months, and on the web-site, where you can be closer to real time.