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college of community currencies development

The college will establish standards for open money development at a national level. As such it will form the basis for ongoing research and development, further training, and peer development process.

Please go to the website to see what's new - things change frequently. However, as this edition of the magazine goes to press (end of January), it is planned that introductory training programs will begin in early April. The initial programs will provide 4 days of training in the basics of community money systems - the ideas and theory, the operations, the general directions and specific programs of system development.

The training programs will give preference to applicants who are ready and willing to go to work immediately. Computer skills are an asset, but a flexible mind and the ability to work with others is essential. An entrepreneurial spirit is also desirable. Educational qualifications are less important.

The first programs will take place in Tokyo and preference will generally be given to local residents. However, applications from other regions are welcome. In particular, applications are particularly encouraged from groups of 3 or 4 persons who jointly possess the core capacities needed - administration, communications, and computer skills - and small business experience.

Applicants should anticipate rewarding, steady work for 5 years and more, developing community currency systems in Japan, and possibly throughout the world.