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LETS exchange - Future Social Design - vol.01

The Open Money Project in Japan began when Masaaki Ikeda, the editor of Kohkoku magazine, invited Michael Linton to Tokyo to discuss a collaborative venture to develop LETSystems in Japan. Subsequent meetings with Hakuhodo Inc (the publisher of Kohkoku) and the Japan Research Institute led to the beginning of the Japan Open Money Project ("jomp") in January of this year.

This website is the English language leading edge of that collaborative wave. The materials posted here are published in the February-March issue of Kohkoku and are now changing on a regular basis as we prepare materials for the next edition, begin the development of the project itself, and design the future of money.

A key component of the design and development process is the LETSplay game, which is the focus of the next edition of the magazine and the core of our work in the next 2 months. It will be possible to play the game not only through the magazine, but also on the internet, first by email and then by web. The game is also going to start appearing on other networks in corporations and in governments, as people within them explore this idea, The purpose is for participants to learn through play about conventional money and community currencies.

As we say in the manifesto, the problems with money can be easily fixed and we are fixing them. We invite you to sign on. Let's play together.