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coming next . . .

In the next edition of Kohkoku, the open money project section - "opening moves" - is all about getting money moving, about effective strategies for getting cc systems into the mainstream of the economy.

The "community way" program will be featured as a suitable application for many different contexts. In its basic form the design is intended for short term start-up for cc systems. In a tourism economy, operated principally as an "ethical traveller" program, it will generate long term funding. The model can also be modified to work as a resource for community capital investment programs.

We will focus closely on the importance of building community service networks as a key to establishing funding for ongoing cc systems development.

We will also lay some smart cards on the table. Integrated circuit (IC) cards will have a very strong effect on the growth and development of cc systems - it's the perfect application for a technology ready to happen.

Opening moves is getting down to business.

Michael Linton, Ernie Yacub