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LETS open - Future Social Design - vol.03

The first edition of the Kohkoku Future Social Design series declared the open money manifesto, announcing that open money is virtual, personal and free. The second edition provided the tools to analyse and explore the concepts of community currencies - cc.

Now we come to the reality of the project. The materials in this edition were presented at the opening session of the Japan cc college in Tokyo between April 27th and 30th this year. They comprise the core of the open money operational model - how it works, how it is organized and sustainable, and how it can pay for its own development.

the cc college course :

  • explained the problems of normal or conventional money, presented community currencies as the solution, and covered the basics of organizing and managing community money systems.
  • explored the use of the LETSplay game as a tool to support understanding of the way mutual credit cc systems work.
  • defined the operational process - the function and organization of the community currencies service provider (the "ccsp")- showed how it's just a matter of catching data, keeping records and providing simple accessible systems for users.
  • showed how users will be able to manage their accounts by phone, with email and on the web - described new open source internet software coming very soon - LETSplay on line will be the alpha test.
  • demonstrated how smart cards make cc systems attractive for businesses, non profits, and people generally - with internet and wireless technology, cell phones will be able to transfer cc to each other.
  • presented community way as the best available startup model for serious development - a program that generates funds for non profits and pays for initial cc development region by region.
  • outlined how the cc college provides the process and infrastructure for cc systems management.
  • introduced the cc domain naming system as the necessary pattern for connecting communities and making cc systems available throughout Japan.

cc college invites continuing conversation on the subject of cc.jp virtual money domain.