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In today's globalizing competitive economy, all nations owe their neighbours, and some owe more than others.The solutions to climate change, war, deforestation, and 3rd world poverty lie in changing money patterns in the rich and powerful nations.

Changing our money changes patterns of consumption and waste. Closing the money loop closes the energy loop.This is the opportunity for Canadians - after the USA, we are the world's greatest energy consumers and polluters.

This is also an opportunity for Japan - by developing open money systems at home and making the improved tools and strategies available to all, Japan can make a significant contribution to world peace and harmony. And in the process transform the Japanese economy and reduce its regional and global footprint.

This is the way for our countries to make good in the global community. Perhaps, for Japan, it's a way to make peace in the Pacific.

In October, Future Social Design #5 will focus on development issues, and the possibilities and challenges they raise.

Meanwhile, watch the website - www.openmoney.org - for more of the big pictures, little stories, and new recipes for using cc to make them happen. What we have sketched here we will continue to elaborate and expand. But don't wait for us to tell you what can be done - just begin doing it yourselves. Get a cc account, start your own currencies, work with others, tell all.

Just do it.