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Every community is different, so there isn't a perfect mix, but an effective project will certainly include the two main design elements - cc service providers using web software and community way programs for the introduction of cc development. Other components - like the food network and smart card systems - are highly recommended but not absolutely essential.

The key contributors in community way should include retailers, especially groceries, and ideally the growers, producers, distributors that supply them. Transportation services such as rail, bus, ferry, and taxi are very important. Restaurants, hotels, theatres, and sports facilities are excellent as they often have spare capacity. Information services like internet service providers, data systems, research, consultants, publishers should be included. Media resources - newspapers, television, radio, web services - can be particularly helpful.

It is very good to have high profile reputable causes and programs included in the list of community way beneficiaries. Local, national and world celebrities, media personalities, and even some political figures, can also be very effective in providing the credibility needed for a project as new and unique as this. These are the people who can stir the public imagination and cause the memes to propagate most effectively. People must be reached where they dream.

Advertising agencies can be helpful for more than creative input. They can also introduce cc to their client base, who can in turn network with other businesses. In this new economy, business is funky.

Professionals in the field of organization, accounting, training, business development etc, should be involved in the training of cc system operators, developers and teachers. They can also help develop education and reference materials.

To transcend local and national borders and make global connections, the ethical travel / local change concept should be introduced and supported by leading operators, agents and promotors in the tourism economy.

Just as all of the resources identified above can be donors in community way, so they can also be contributors to the cc development programs itself, co-operative ventures designed to fully compensate all those who take part. Contributions can be services or products provided directly to the projects, or simply funds advanced to meet operating costs, in cc$ or $. cc development programs are investment opportunities without parallel.

Projects can start anytime, anywhere, and can be as small and local or as big and broad as required. More mix is better, and any mix is better than none. All that is really needed are a few innovators and early adopters to begin applying the open money designs and many others will come to join the party.