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cc's cool

and where from here?

As basic software becomes available and accessible, it's just a matter of choice. Anyone (virtually) can set up any cc network they like - b2b, neighborhood net, time or Yen based, sports club, non profit support net - just by registering its name and agreements. And others who want to use it can open an account and see if it works for them.

Those intending to organise or start systems will generally find it wise - for many reasons - to begin with support networks for social common goods - schools, hospitals, community projects, food security systems - especially since this route can provide system developers with income to meet their costs.

It's important to decide which networks are most important to develop and support in the early stages, but it can simply be the general idea of local economic development - just setting up the local free market, as Adam Smith would have done without hesitation.

Here in Tokyo, the Shibuya project is using "cc" to raise funds for projects in recycling, river restoration, supporting the homeless, community information services for non-profits, etc. In the UK, in East London, very similar programs already have direct funding from the EC, and are now be able to add community currencies to extend their operations.

For an example of recent developments, here are some extracts from a proposal for LETS in schools, by a leading UK progressive think tank

Which organizations in Japan could present a similar proposal here?

All that's needed to support the account system for such projects is to set up the names and track the exchanges.

In fact, as soon as the naming system is organised and in place, all sorts of community money systems and projects can start.

Really, it's just software and a name system

It's all you need for virtual money.