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way - to OS - oecd - foma - money - the dif - to sow - to play - to pay - (revisions)

where mainstream money is from


"they" have the monopoly on the issue of this money - we have no say in the matter

it's a mystery - the invisible hand on the money tap

    central authorities

    issue of money must be controlled, and be seen to be controlled

    confidence must be maintained above all and at any cost

    it's a job that can only be done by the central banks

      limits and disables

      controls only by variable restriction - just closing and opening the throttle on a machine with no steering and no brakes

      no amount of money can be "right" for all parts of the economy - some are rich, some are poor and some dry out completely

      it creates real problems - poverty, ecological degradation - and can only increase them

      there is no remedy in mainstream money