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way - to OS - oecd - foma - money - the dif - to sow - to play - to pay - (revisions)

what general money does

enables exchange

when it moves from buyer to seller all money enables exchange of "real" things- no money, no deal.

It's only money if it moves - if nobody takes it, it's not

    provides measure

    money is a means to evaluate - a scoring system, used by the agreement of its users, that measures and records the value of an exchange.

    paying someone is like giving them a receipt for so much work done or goods given, a receipt that they themselves can use with others.

    at root, money measures

      lets, connects

      money lets things happen wherever it moves

      without money, little happens

      connecting buyers and sellers also patterns the economy.

      the paths money takes determine how materials, products and services move - in and out of the community or round and round