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LETSplay beta

June 19th, 2007.

This notice applies to the new LETSplay game

This version of the game supercedes previous versions, but earlier notes on why and how to play remain relevant, and reading them will accelerate your learning curve.


  1. As this is a beta level release, there are no guarantees or undertakings. The game database may be cleared at any time, although generally user accounts will not be deleted, so you can start again.

  2. LETSplay online is intended for an unlimited number of players, all anonymous. The pace of the game depends on who else is playing and how often.

  3. Refining the algorithm for choosing the seller in each buyer-seller intereaction is a primary focus of the beta test. At this time the algorithm is biased to preferentially select accounts that have recently made a purchase. Also, players with two more sales than purchases will not make any further sales until they have made another purchase.

  4. An email notification of sales income will soon be introduced to improve the feedback loop.

All enquiries to mwl at openmoney.org please.