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why to play - how to play - the game isn't real - LETSplay login - notes on beta

why play this game?

What's the game?

    LETSplay is a process of discovery where players can quickly see the key concepts and understand how they apply in today's economy. It's NOT a game about winning or losing, indeed it's not a competition at all - it's a walk-through the elementary ideas of cc and a rudimentary simulation of one version of an imminent reality

    All you do is buy and sell items from a list provided and see what the money does.

    As the money comes and goes, the game shows you:

      - how conventional and community money are different

      - what comes from that difference

      - the value of using both forms of money

      - how to use community money systems without risk.

The quick guide -

  1. first, for orientation, print a game chart and the rules and procedures

  2. go to https://play.lets.net to register/login.

    • the game is anonymous, so choose any simple login id - "jim" for instance
    • the game won't send you a new password if you forget it, so use something easy to remember
    • it will add great value to play several accounts - jim, jim1, jim2 etc - they can use the same password.
    • on their "access" page, accounts jim1, jim2 .... can be set for jim to adminster.

  3. for each account, join a game on the access page - game3 is presently the active game

    • you'll get $200 fed game money to start

  4. go to the "Show Catalogue / Make a Purchase" page and buy something

    • see how many $400 level purchases you can make with whatever income you get
    • you can use the rss feed link to let you know when you've sold something
    • it generally will pay to wait for income
...... and that's all there is to it. Please note however that the game is in beta testing, so interruptions to service may happen. If you find the site unresponsive, please try again in 24 hours.

The LETSplay game is the fastest, easiest and most reliable route to understanding community money systems. It's also a lot of fun when played in a group setting. Playing on-line is naturally less social - the experience is more like sitting by a stream and dropping twigs in it to see where they get to. It's good to understand how community currencies ("cc") work, because the more you understand cc, the more you'll use them, and the more you use them (wisely) the better - for you and everyone else.

What's the cost?

    It's going to take some of your valuable time, but not very much at all. A full "all-players-in-the-room" LETSplay game process takes between 1 and 2 hours from start to finish. (More if you like, but generally not less).

    The online game will take rather less time, in perhaps 10 and 15 sessions of 2 - 5 minutes each, over 1 or 2 weeks. It takes 10 minutes or less to read a few web-pages, and open a LETSplay game account. Thereafter each player plays independently of the others and sets their own pace. You could finish it in a couple of days, weeks or months. It's faster if you buy and slower if you wait for sales income to bring you more money.

    So it really only costs a few minutes of your time, you have some fun and you end up knowing some very important things about money, things you can use.

    Too good to be true? Not at all. But you'll probably have to play the game to know that.

The more extensive functions of a cc server - user registration for community currencies (cc), user initiation and administration of cc, - can be explored at http://openmoney.ca/vcsh and with earlier software (soon to be retired) at www.openmoney.org/go/cc.html.